Friday, September 25, 2015

What I’m Watching: Significant Mother

Significant Mother: Season 1, Episode 7 “Under Buddy” (B+)

Nate hiring an “understudy” bartender named Timmy to take Jimmy’s place was a plotline perfectly suited to Jimmy’s maturity and personality. The fact that even Jimmy accidentally called his nemesis Jimmy and then said after he left that he kind of liked him made this whole debacle all the more enjoyable. It’s hard to know sometimes if Nate is actually aware of what he is doing or if he’s just oblivious or easily influenced, but that didn’t make this plotline any less entertaining. Jimmy changing his signature drink after Timmy stole his initial Martini takeoff was just one of the many amusing jokes that came out of the similarity of their names. I love that Harrison showed up to praise Timmy and even went so far as to get a t-shirt made that said “Team Timmy.” Going off on an unrelated tangent in the middle of a conversation just to show Jimmy what it was like to talk to him was fun, and I like that Jimmy wasn’t even phased by that. Responding to the comment “I was born ready” to “I was born a baby” was completely typical of Jimmy and totally hilarious as well. I was surprised by the uncaring willingness with which Timmy admitted that his other signature drink was indeed in his pants, but he had to go eventually. I like how the dynamic of Lydia and Jimmy’s relationship is working with Nate in the middle, and it never ceases to be entertaining and enjoyable to watch.