Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Take Three: Hand of God

Hand of God: Season 1, Episode 3 “Contemplating the Body” (C+)

I’m still curious to see where this show goes, but I’m not sure that I’m as convinced of its quality as I initially was. For men so obsessed with religion, KD and Pernell sure use violence and foul language an awful lot. It’s hard to find them too believable when they’re so brutal all the time, and I’m also not too fond of the very matter-of-fact plotline which involves Pernell going to pick up a body on his own with his normal clothes and a van that his wife has seen and then dumping it somewhere else because a picture in a doctor’s office told him to do it. Part of it might also be Ron Perlman’s affect, since he usually portrays headstrong authority figures, and now he’s running around like a madman listening to voices and having full on conversations with people around him in response to the things that he believes PJ and God are telling him. Meditation between the Harris parents and their daughter-in-law did not go well at all, and now there’s a twist, which is that Crystal and Nick had what appears to be a very intense and passionate affair if their dirty talk is any indication. Jocelyn shooting at Josh with the gun that PJ used to try to kill himself is not a strong sign of her stability, though at least Josh seems to care for her enough that he’d look out for her. We didn’t see much of the church in this hour other than our resident reverend chastising KD for beating up a homeless man who dared to urinate on the church rather than doing the Christian thing of inviting him in to improve his state.

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