Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 3, Episode 8 “Tulip” (B+)

I’m not usually a fan of shows flashing forward and back in the same episode and foreshadowing an event that will later be happening. This episode revealed the surprising identity of the dead body Ray and Avi (!) were burying in a clever way, and that act served to tie up a bunch of loose ends that now seem far more solid in the way that they’re going to pan out. Varick was understandably upset at being cut off by Andrew, and Paige rudely telling him he never deserved anything didn’t help matters at all. It’s no surprise that he went to his former lover to try to understand why he was being shunned, and unfortunately Andrew let his rage get the better of him and hit him over the head with a fatal blow. Now Andrew and Ray are back on solid ground, with Andrew paying the asking price of $90 million because Lena punching Helen to calm her down resulted in her getting bitten by the snake, a wild plotline that managed not to seem too far-fetched. It’s also good that, despite Bunchy’s uncharacteristic threat, the Donovan brothers didn’t kill another priest, since Romero was never going to call the police on them but instead just wanted to inspire them to think about changing. Burning the documents he gave Bunchy with Varick’s body was a cathartic dismissal of the past that should hopefully help Ray move past all that. Avi apologizing to Ray was a very sentimental moment, and at least now they’re back what they used to be. I enjoyed seeing Terry bond with Abby, and the line “None of us got Ray” rang very true. I can’t understand what Bridget thinks is going to happen with her teacher, though he seems pretty hopped up on medication and helpless to do much to control the situation. I love that Mickey tried to be nice to Teresa, the only person to actually make the effort, and she responded by less than kindly telling him to be gentle with her boy.

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