Monday, September 28, 2015

What I’m Watching: Married

Married: Season 2, Episode 11 “Triggers” (C)

It’s almost like this show is determined to turn viewers against every one of its supporting characters, one at a time. The problem is that while Jenny Slate is moving on to bigger and better things, Brett Gelman and A.J. are not going anywhere. Having Russ be annoyed and furious that A.J. would draw up a contract dissolving their friendship doesn’t help anyone’s case since all it does is to demonstrate how exaggerated and absurd a character A.J. is. I was enjoying his budding relationship with Abby, but now he’s taken things way too far by having no clue how to exist and operate as a human, showing up to Russ’ work and refusing to acknowledge the presence of his boss, insistent that he has to spend all of his time illustrating the Farmer Todd books that he was never he even asked to collaborate on. His buddy Lincoln didn’t help matters at all, and was just an awkward extra person in the room to just make things worse. That they ended in a good place that involved ranking Russ’ imaginary grill over this friendship with A.J. was a minor saving grace that came far too late. At the same time, Lina was similarly the one to point out the absurdity of Abby’s reliance on and continued bond with her manipulative ex, played by Rob Huebel, who is Len on “Transparent,” a plotline that worked a bit better but still was far from a home run. Lina trying to stifle her urge to give other people advice was entertaining, but that didn’t last too long because, naturally, she was right all along in this particular case.

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