Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Round Two: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 1, Episode 2 “Interruptus Date Breast Movin’” (C+)

The second installment of this show is very much like the first, although it’s over the novelty of waiting until the end of the hour to connect all of its segments. A few players appeared throughout the different plotlines, which just proves that this family is rather tight-knit in several ways. Matt walking in on his parents having sex was an unfortunate event that served as the catalyst for a weird and unproductive sharing session between random partners from the family, the best of which was Tim and Jen, a conversation that ended immediately when she refused to take part in it. Matt and Greg had plenty of fun trying to say the same word, but that just demonstrates that this show has more to offer than its format, since the casual interactions of its characters is better than the formulaic plotlines it concocts. It was fun to recognize Stephnie Weir from “The Comedians” and Rhys Darby from “Flight of the Conchords” as the anti-formula sibling couple who tried unsuccessfully to train Greg and Jen to breastfeed. Matt’s dating life certainly isn’t going too well, but it was sweet that he opted to turn his date’s previously scheduled wedding day into something rather romantic and enjoyable. This show hasn’t won me over just yet, but it’s harmless and relatively entertaining enough to occupy Monday nights, which otherwise aren’t too populated by comedy and could use a bit of occasional laughter. There’s some of that to be found here, and so I’ll keep watching.

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