Sunday, December 18, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 3, Episode 9 “The Present” (B+)

This is the kind of Christmas episode that I like more than those that just feature families and friends getting together for the holidays. The group of allies working with the Flash to combat evil metahumans and anyone else who might threaten Central City in however many multiverses just keeps growing, with Cecile and Julian officially joining the ranks and none other than Jay Garrick showing up with some fatherly wisdom to help Barry get back on track. The discovery for Barry and confirmation for us that Julian is Alchemy led to a trusting act on Barry’s part of revealing the identity of the Flash and enlightening a clueless Julian about his alter ego. It’s interesting to me that Savitar is only visible to other speedsters, and how useful that Barry just happens to know two of those who were able to help him go up against him. This was a much more positive use of the speed force than the episode where it took human form to speak to Barry, and it also enabled Barry to see something really worrisome, which was Iris being killed by Savitar in the future. I’m sure that’s going to haunt him, but for now this show went into its six-week winter hiatus with nothing more than pleasant thoughts about Christmas, caroling, and Caitlin using her powers to help them have a white Christmas. And Wally is even part of the team now as Kid Flash with a pretty ugly suit, and, until devastation strikes, Barry and Iris are officially going to live together, which is pretty sweet.