Sunday, December 18, 2016

What I’m Watching: People of Earth

People of Earth: Season 1, Episode 7 “Last Day on Earth” (A-)

I really liked this episode, and I feel like this show, which was renewed recently for a second season (hooray!), has come into himself in a fantastic way. Jerry is sometimes an obnoxious character, but he was perfect in this installment. Calculating the day on which, throughout history, people were taken and then not returned got him set for the biggest day of his life, where he was finally going to be abducted by aliens. I love that he quit his job and had a checklist, including packing astronaut snacks. Going over to Yvonne’s house to confess his feelings was sweet, and I love that she felt the same way and offered to drive him to his abduction the next morning. When he didn’t get taken, it was wonderful to see the group be totally supportive of his validity and worth since the aliens hadn’t chosen him. It’s just as great to see Jonathan sacrifice himself to make sure that Ozzie’s life could be spared, since, when he was abducted as a child, Ozzie drew a picture of Jonathan and called him his friend. I hope that we’ll still see Jonathan going forward, and maybe he can be a good friend to Ozzie now. My favorite part of the episode was the romance between Don and Kelly, with Don apologizing for all male privilege and then remarking that no one ever asks if he wants a drink. His first brainfreeze – and daiquiri – experience was entertaining, and I love that he has now developed a very polite assertiveness which he used with a very unamused Jeff.