Monday, December 19, 2016

What I’m Watching: Rectify (Penultimate Episode)

Rectify: Season 4, Episode 7 “Happy Unburdening” (B+)

This episode opened with a monumentally therapeutic but also highly disturbing detailed account of his sexual assault to his therapist. Hearing Daniel explain what happened sheds a lot of light on how he is the person he is, and it’s a sad thing to see that, even after the friendly invitation he got from his new roommate to go out and socialize, something he never would been have included in back home, he still spent the closing moments of the episode listening to the recording of him talking about his assault. It was almost as unsettling – and even more heartbreaking – to hear about the embarrassment of what actually happened with the investigation where no one even bothered to consider that Daniel might not be guilty after he confessed, going so far as to let other persons of interest go without checking their alleged activities. Jon setting up the meeting for Bobby to apologize to Amantha was a nice gesture even if it felt like an ambush, and it obviously set Amantha off enough for her to go off on her mother, who was busy selling off all of her stuff with her youngest son’s help. I like where Teddy and Tawney’s relationship is heading, as they still want to spend time together before things change and agree that mediation is probably the way to go, something that Tawney is going to look into. Teddy also got great reactions from both of his parents when he broke the news of his divorce. I liked seeing Daniel energetic about helping Chloe pack, and she’s a really good person for him who is going to help him end on a hopefully positive note in this show’s series finale, which is sure to be powerful and memorable.

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