Sunday, December 11, 2016

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 3, Episode 7 “Chapter Fifty-One” (B)

This was a strange episode in that it focused so heavily on this sudden mystery involving Rafael and his religion-related past. It was cleverly set up and structured with Alba making Jane feel guilty about not going to church and her fighting for Mateo to come with them, something that Rafael really wasn’t into, even before he started recalling these dark memories. It’s important to remember what kind of show this is, and therefore the scariest it was going to get was mimicking a famous Hitchcock scene. Rafael discovering that he wasn’t actually a Solano seemed like a big deal, but at this point, especially with him being on good enough terms with Petra, I’m not sure what difference it makes. Rogelio confronting Xiomara about Bruce didn’t showcase more of Ricardo Chavira’s character or help us get to know him, but we did find out that Xiomara was well aware of his marital status when they got together years earlier. I liked the casting of Justina Machado from “Six Feet Under” as Darci the Love Doctor, and after failed dates with Denise Richards, Carmen Electra, and Brooke Burke-Charvet, it’s great to see that Darci is so similar to Rogelio that she’s totally interested in having a baby with him so that they can be parents but still maintain their enticing single lifestyles with shared custody. Catalina is still around and a nuisance, and Jane getting caught going through her stuff only makes it worse since she’s clearly still up to no good. I think it’s really time for her to go, and I hope the show sends her off soon. That’s it for this show until January – I look forward to its return then!

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