Friday, December 16, 2016

What I’m Watching: Rectify

Rectify: Season 4, Episode 6 “Physics” (B+)

This show has never been fast-moving, and with just two episodes left, it’s not in any particular rush to get to its finish. As I’ve mentioned recently, this show has become less about Daniel and more about the way that he has affected the lives of those around him. Ted apologizing to Daniel for the way that he treated him was an enlightening moment, and then he just took a very expensive cab to do some local sightseeing instead of spending the day supporting his wife. Janet, after telling Daniel about the offer to sell the shop, put it very bluntly, explaining that she’s not sure that she’ll stay married to Ted because they see the world differently. Daniel’s earlier comment that he’s daunted by his mother’s expectations was equally insightful. A lot of this show is about accepting things the way they are, and that’s the response that Jon got when he tried to get Daniel’s name cleared once and for all. Chloe suggesting the idea of therapy to help Daniel move on from the place he feels he needs to stay was bold and important, and his reply indicates that he doesn’t think he deserves to be happy, a state that’s hard to get behind and accept for anyone with a more optimistic worldview. The most magnetic moment of the episode featured Teddy, not where he shot himself trying to take down that captivating inflatable man, but when he used reverse psychology on a customer by suggesting that he buy something at Walmart instead. At first, it seemed like he wasn’t even trying, but then it became clear that the most transformed character on this show actually knows what he’s doing, even in the depths of his loneliness.

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