Friday, December 9, 2016

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 7, Episode 9 “Ouroboros” (B+)

Hurricane Monica is back, and she really does an incredible ability to rile up all her children – and her ex-husband – and to keep a few of the younger kids on the hook until she ultimately devastates them. She did do a magnificent job of getting Franny back for Debs, and she couldn’t even screw up the DCFS hearing, which went about as well as it could have, granting her custody again and visitation for those who took her. Fiona going after the girl who wrote a terrible Yelp review of the laundromat was quite a sight to witness, and drinking her milkshake was an especially formidable show of unrestrained fury. Kev suggesting thruples therapy was an interesting idea, and the process went pretty well, but then Svetlana casually announcing her ownership of the bar, which negates all the goodwill she had earned and makes her a serious threat to their happiness. It’s a distant memory, but Svetlana was married to Mickey, who has now apparently escaped jail and is most certainly coming for his beloved Ian over his actual wife, something that’s going to shake Ian up in a big way and might threaten his semi-stable relationship with Trevor. Lip is throwing his life away, spending more time trying to fix the plumbing in the new apartment of the girl who broke with him than getting his act together to apply for a paid internship that the professor who still has faith in him set up for him. I don’t see that going well, and I’m worried that he’s spiraling.

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