Saturday, December 17, 2016

What I’m Watching: Luke Cage

Luke Cage: Season 1, Episode 10 “Take It Personal” (B+)

Whereas “Jessica Jones,” which I still enjoy a lot more than this show, is all about a very personal journey that’s filled with anguish and misery, this show has always been about Harlem and the mood and culture of everyone in it. It surpasses even Daredevil’s repeated statements about “his city,” and part of that is because Luke isn’t the one trying to claim Harlem. With Cottonmouth out of the picture, that honor goes to Mariah, who constantly tries to spin things to her advantage, in this case taking advantage of the police brutality to turn public opinion against Luke and to bolster her position. Diamondback running around the city hurting people and screaming that he’s Luke Cage is a very effective technique, one that only Misty seems to see through as a nonsensical plan for a man who’s trying to stay under the radar. Claire demonstrated her medical resilience to save Luke again, and after he woke up and jokingly pretended not to know her, he got back on his feet very quickly. Claire’s parting line to the doctor - “Be thankful I’m not the one with the powers” - demonstrated just how much she’s in this too, but ultimately it is Luke’s battle. He had a therapeutic episode with his visit to the church and his piecing together of his past and his relationship to his brother was enlightening. Misty locating Diamondback didn’t take too long, but he drew right away and it looks like he may have hit her. Luke showing up to shield her right away was pretty awesome, and let’s hope he can identify himself as the hero to the people before they turn against him.