Saturday, December 17, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 7 “Sing Me a Song” (B+)

This episode was immensely disturbing, as just about everything involving the magnetic Negan is these days, but I found it to be much more compelling and effective than most of what we’ve seen this season. Carl, hardly the best character on this show, managed to trick the usually crafty Jesus into bailing out of the back of the truck so that he could sneak into Negan’s camp all by himself. He didn’t do a great job of hiding, yet for some reason Negan seems interested in him and opted to show him around the Saviors’ camp as if he were a guest instead of a prisoner. Negan’s brothel is a horrifying concept, and the fact that he would publicly brand someone because he dared to sleep with his own wife when the dictator is a public polygamist demonstrates how delusional he is about his situation and his immortality. Forcing Carl to take off his patch and then bringing him back home so that he can torment Olivia by propositioning her shows that, for the moment, he still has all the power. Rick picked the wrong time to go out on an off-the-books scouting mission, and Negan holding Judith on his lap while talking about how he should shoot Rick and Carl was a very foreboding ending. Good for Eugene for standing up to Rosita when she eviscerated him, and I hope he’ll be motivated nonetheless by her words to help with the resistance. Maybe Michonne will have more success with her new captive. The best part of the episode was actually the unexpected humorous and uncensored moment where Gabriel called Spencer a shit after offering some more sophisticated wisdom about how Rick showing up may have prevented the deaths of others.