Thursday, February 8, 2018

Round Two: Waco

Waco: Season 1, Episode 2 “The Strangers Across the Street” (B+)

There’s something very disarming about the way in which David inspires his followers, parading them in for some unknown punishment only to offer them each a lick of ice cream and then calmly and disapprovingly emptying Vasquez’s gun. He barely even got angry when he went over to tell Vasquez to call off the operation. It’s those who are most loyal to him, like his wife Rachel, who come off as less friendly and more stringent about the rules. Michelle’s main concern about marrying David Thibodeau was that it would be keep her from being close to the main David, who doesn’t want to indulge in any pleasure of the flesh, and who won’t even allow this newly married couple to disobey the rules of men not being allowed up to the women’s quarters. We saw Emmy winner Camryn Manheim from “The Practice” as the younger David’s mom, who seems like she’s still connected to a member of this cult and who we’re likely to see again in some capacity. As Gary debates whether to report Richard for his bad call during the operation, we’re treated to a whole mess during the action when Vasquez literally went running and waving his arms to get them to stop since the Branch Davidians were well aware that they were on their way. It didn’t take long for this siege to begin, but we know that it’s the bulk of this story, and the way that Vasquez seemed to be taken in by some of what David was saying makes me think that he’s going to play a vital role in what’s to come.

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