Tuesday, February 20, 2018

What I’m Watching: Divorce

Divorce: Season 2, Episode 6 “Losing It” (B+)

I didn’t realize that this season is only eight episodes after the first featured ten, and I’m worried that this will soon become the latest underrated HBO comedy to be cancelled after just a few short seasons. This episode demonstrated just how great this show has become, with Robert walking in on Tom having sex with Ella in the bathroom and then trying to figure out how to deal with it in consultation with the important women in his life. Jackie was really not very fazed by it, perfectly and loudly blunt in public about her progressive sex talk with her daughter, leading Robert to the inadvisable decision to suggest to Ella that she had much more experience than Tom and should take it easy with him. I love that Robert and Frances went to their marriage counselor, who didn’t realize they were divorced, to talk at her and discover that they had exactly the same ideas for how to deal with Tom’s sexually exploratory behavior. Frances literally chasing Tom to have a sex talk was pretty funny, but not nearly as much as her getting caught on the trampoline with Andrew much to Robert’s gloating delight. Diane trying to get Dallas into her club led to some interesting antics on Diane’s part with her tumble down the stairs, but I found Dallas’ accidental run-in with Jackie much more enjoyable, especially since she managed to turn it into her own spontaneous therapy session that played out like so many frustrated patients’ experiences do in film and television, with the therapist literally saying nothing.

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