Saturday, February 24, 2018

What I’m Watching: Longmire (Series Finale)

Longmire: Season 6, Episode 10 “Goodbye is Always Implied”

This is it – the end of a show that manages to live as long on a second network as it did on a first while attracting an unusually older audience. Though there have been a few very intense episodes this season, we didn’t get much of that in this episode aside from the capture of Nighthorse and Henry by Malachi and then Nighthorse nearly getting himself hanged before Walt did the right thing and decided to save him. There were a number of close calls and everyone ended up getting a bit banged up, but ultimately it all worked out. Seeing Malachi and taking him down helped bring closure to everything Walt has worked so hard for, and though it’s hardly the most monumental accomplishment, it was enough to compel him to turn in his badge and ease himself into retirement. Him kissing Vic caught me by surprise, but it was a clearly welcome gesture, and even though I’ve never been a huge advocate of them getting together, it’s nice to see them pair up. Cady sticking around Wyoming to run for sheriff is fitting, especially since it leaves the door open for a potential spinoff with the same name (though rumors of any continuation have died down recently), and it allows her a happy ending with the newest reinstated deputy, Zach. And even Ferg, dressed in a tuxedo and inspired by his future mother-in-law, may have won back Meg. Ruby being reluctant to lend Vic her car because it smelled like fast food the last time she did makes me wish that we got to know her better, but at least Nighthorse earned himself a worthwhile sendoff, helping Walt prove that he is good after all in the process. Henry becoming the manager of the casino, ethically conducting business that he otherwise wouldn’t normally be interested in, makes a lot of sense. I’ve enjoyed this show from the start, and I feel like this is a perfectly great ending that wraps up a show that never felt over-the-top or extraneous.

Series finale: B+
Series grade: B+
Season MVP: Katee Sackhoff as Vic
Season grade: B+
Series MVP: Katee Sackhoff
Best Season: All
Best Episode: “Unfinished Business

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