Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What I’m Watching: Shameless (Season Finale)

Shameless: Season 8, Episode 12 “Sleepwalking” (B+)

The season is over, and it’s been a transformative one for all of our characters. I’d say the one whose life has changed the most is Carl, who escaped out the window to get new clothes and then found himself chained to the bed by his crazy and deeply possessive wife. Debs didn’t even notice his predicament, and luckily he was apparently freed by Kassidi overnight and, instead of opting to return the favor and make sure she couldn’t follow him, he just got on the bus to head to military school. I can’t imagine she’ll be gone this easily, but I don’t think she’ll be warmly greeted if she arrives and tries to take him out of the academy. Svetlana made her own moves to take back what she felt she deserved, and as long as the pre-nup doesn’t pretend a problem, I think they managed to deal with all of the obstacles in that operation. Ian established a legitimate following for himself, and it almost doesn’t matter if he’s off his meds because he’s let it all get to his head, ignoring laws and the consequences sure to come for his actions. Debs’ reaction to Derek getting married and asking for shared custody was not a good one, though it’s possible she’ll consider it since it might give her more time to invest in her own future and provide Franny a positive home influence. Liam was impressive in his ability to case his friend’s place and grab the security code, and he might have finally gotten his father sent to prison if not for Frank’s resilience in hiding in the toilet. Lip sabotaged his relationship with Sierra, which probably would have been the healthiest path for him right now. And Fiona got down and dirty to get the squatters out of her apartment, even going so far as to burn money to prove her point. It’s impossible to know what will come next on this show, but I’m always excited for more of this depraved family and their continually entertaining exploits.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Emmy Rossum as Fiona

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