Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What I’m Watching: Divorce

Divorce: Season 2, Episode 3 “Worth It” (B+)

It was smart that this episode didn’t focus on Frances and Robert’s kids at all, instead returning them to their home lives apart that barely interact, especially when they pass right by each other and don’t even look up to notice. I loved the look on Frances’ face when someone commented about Hastings, “Isn’t that upstate?” With a very pushy Diane trying to involve herself in the business, Frances became a bit too obsessed with tracking down the woman who painted one of the pieces that Andrew gave her from his late aunt. Approaching her while she was working at the bank was one thing, but showing up at 1am at her apartment demanding to see her work represented a bit too much aggression and enthusiasm. She’s more than ready to set boundaries in her developing relationship with Andrew but not nearly as aware of them in her own life. Diane is having considerable trouble at home with her gourmet chef husband, and stripping for a random guy watching her on the street is one way to deal with that. I was so excited to see Becki Newton, who was one of the best parts of “Ugly Betty” a decade ago when it was on and has only sporadically appeared on television since, as the realtor who lowballed Robert in a big way for his house and is now a new love interest for him, which is great save for the strange coincidence that she’s in therapy with Dallas, news of unknown but questionable meaning at the moment.

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