Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What I’m Watching: Divorce

Divorce: Season 2, Episode 7 “Going, Going…Gone” (B+)

This episode saw the brutal deterioration of a few relationships while others took off in unexpected ways. Frances bidding on precious artistic relics with Andrew at the start of the episode as she prepared for Sylvia’s show didn’t end the way she expected at all, with Andrew fuming that she had lied about how her marriage ended when she could have confessed to cheating, which wouldn’t necessarily have gone any better, and Sylvia poached by the gallery owner who was essentially her idol and not feeling the least bit guilty about not even talking to her about it since it meant that their business partnership was now going to be completely dissolved. At least she might have a date with Skip Zakarian to look forward to, though I suspect she’ll be angry enough at him for snatching up Sylvia that she’ll either not go (though I’m sure she will) or she’ll just let him have it rather than trying to actually pursue it as a romance. Robert’s relationship with Jackie seems to be a bit more stable, since their successful animal-disposal at the open house led to ideas of working together, and though Jackie is a whole lot like Frances in certain ways, I think she’s a better fit for her Robbie who should be able to get through these hurdles. Nick buying Diane the unpopular Peltz was sweet and hopefully something she’ll actually appreciate, and I didn’t think that his response to her complaining was going to be something so kind. Dallas has also found herself at the start of a surprising new romantic possibility, one that she was ready to give up on but isn’t so ready to give up on her. I sincerely hope that the next episode isn’t the last one we’ll see of this show – as someone who didn’t love it at the start, I do think it’s improved considerably and is worthy of much more exploration!

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