Friday, February 16, 2018

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 3, Episode 10 “Daddy Darkhest” (C+)

This is hardly the episode that I would have chosen for this series’ return to television after two months off the air and the start of nine straight weeks of new episodes. I don’t love when this show gets too supernatural since I much prefer its science fiction elements, and involving Constantine and exorcisms was an unfortunate diversion. Mallus sending half the team back to January 1969 made for some quick thinking on the part of these frequent time travelers, though Snart trying to leave a note about time travel in a mental hospital predictably didn’t go over well when he got caught. A near-instant lobotomy was fortunately averted, though I can’t understand why Sara and Constantine had to make out and then have sex. I much more enjoyed Nora, Ray, and Zari playing Heads Up while Mick was too busy trying to watch a football game to provide some much-needed backup. Amaya and Kuasa are bonding, now having developed some sort of understanding that means they won’t harm each other, while Nora was unfortunately reunited with her evil immortal father. I was very sad to see Snart go, especially since he was trying to convince Sara that Ava was flirting with her and he made Mick a tiny bit emotive. The news that Rip has escaped is intriguing but not altogether clear, since I don’t remember him being perceived as a villain last time we saw him but I do know that he may be even more reckless than the Legends are at the moment.

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