Friday, February 9, 2018

What I'm Watching: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 3, Episode 11 “Nathaniel and I Are Just Friends!” (B+)

It was equally optimistic and foolish for Dr. Akopian to think that Rebecca had turned over a new leaf. What was much more unexpected was the mid-episode time jump in this episode, taking us almost to the end of Heather’s pregnancy and to a place at which few things have changed for the majority of our characters. The most theoretically minor and random of these was Paula’s decision to hire Sunil which quickly sent him to the click that includes Tim, Maya, and Jim, leading her to realize that her “office bitch” mug apparently isn’t a joke. I’m not all that fond of Sunil so having him around doesn’t add much, but at least Paula seems to have reached a good place now. Valencia’s new client turned into a girlfriend, something that we never would have expected for Josh’s ex but will hopefully be featured as a positive influence in coming episodes. Josh doesn’t appear to have gotten any smarter, still obsessing over “Happy Tats for Manatees,” but Heather, fresh off her yellowtail crudo and other business improvements, has been affected by her hormones and become much more motivated to do things, namely skateboarding since she couldn’t stand becoming an adult. Hector reacting to her crying was amusing and taking care of her was sweet. Rebecca and Nathaniel’s supply closet sex got awfully repetitive, especially since he’s still officially dating Mona, and it’s a shame that she second-guessed things and disappeared from his door after texting him. Very sadly, there are only two episodes left this season, so let’s hope that this fast-forward device was worth it and we’re headed exciting places!

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