Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What I’m Watching: Divorce

Divorce: Season 2, Episode 5 “Breaking the Ice” (B+)

After an episode that found the two newly divorced adults behaving like adults, this one threatened to backtrack as Nick for some reason thought it was a good idea to invite Robert and his new girlfriend over without making sure that Diane knew they were coming. I’m still so happy that Becki Newton is on board for this season as Jackie since she’s so unfazed by everything that’s happening around her, eager to go up and meet Frances and even aware, much to her Frances’ surprise, that Robert and Frances slept together in Ohio. Frances almost sank to a regrettable level when she went running outside Diane’s house so that she could get a glimpse of Robbie’s new girl but then decided that she shouldn’t go down that route. Dallas’ reaction was pretty fantastic, and it’s a good thing that she made the decision not to share confidential information about her patient with her best friend. The rollerskating party went pretty well, and I love that Robert was unable to go on the ice because he couldn’t skate and therefore not able to intervene in the meeting of his girlfriend and his ex. Frances has her hands full trying to motivate the artist for her latest gallery, and maybe it’s fine if Robert is distracted by someone else in his life. Tom is sure having a good time with Jackie’s daughter, which might make things a bit more complicated if they split up down the road, but I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. Frances may just have to start her own relationship soon.

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