Saturday, February 3, 2018

What I’m Watching: Divorce

Divorce: Season 2, Episode 2 “Happy Now?” (B+)

This was an incredibly confrontational episode, with every single couple expressing lots of resentment towards each other. Frances trying to plead with the construction guy to let them go by on their way to school turned especially sour when it turned out to be Robert, and things got much, much worse when he decided to show up at the school event when he didn’t have permission to be there. Reflecting that he could eat on the toilet if he wanted was rather depressing, and it’s no wonder that his colleagues aren’t eager to have drinks with him. It was great to see Gillian Vigman back as Janice, who was more than ready to indulge any of Robert’s fantasies and order up a threesome, though apparently all of her female (and even male) friends are parents whose kids go to the same school. Frances, who might have gotten somewhere by changing her name, managed to upset Lila enough to leave her off the family tree, which of course led to the unfortunate and irreversible act of her swearing at her daughter in front of everyone at the event and getting banned from walking her into school like that other crazy mom. After his lewd FaceTime call, Tony proved to be slightly more human than expected, only to immediately undo all of that as soon as Dallas suggested that she had been thinking about breaking up with him. At least Frances did have a positive conversation with Steven Pasquale’s Andrew, at the expense of Diane and Nick’s positive interactions, which collapsed when he brought out the duck.

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