Monday, February 19, 2018

What I’m Watching: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Season Finale)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 3, Episode 13 “Nathaniel Is Irrelevant” (C+)

This was a disappointing finale. I felt like this show really achieved something this season once Rebecca acknowledged her depression and took steps to change her life, distancing completely from Josh and trying to keep things unemotional with Nathaniel so that she didn’t slip back into familiar dangerous behaviors. I knew that Trent wouldn’t be gone forever after last week, and unfortunately he didn’t even die now when Rebecca pushed him off a roof. He has contributed nothing positive to this show, and he worked so, so much better as a fake boyfriend even though that wasn’t a home run either. What we got here was a situation that legitimately made Rebecca look like a crazy person since the trio of Tim, Maya, and the suddenly returned George didn’t think it was weird that he was holding a knife over Nathaniel. And Nathaniel didn’t even hate Rebecca at all for what she had done, and just wanted her to get better, even breaking up with his girlfriend because of the strength of his feelings for her. I see no situation where Rebecca going to jail is a good direction for this show, and ending on her confession of guilt with everyone in her life behind her was an odd way to end, especially since a fourth season is far from guaranteed, though hopefully likely given the CW’s recent decision to expand back to Sunday night programming. Paula finally cutting Rebecca out of her life barely lasted ten minutes, and Heather gave birth without much fanfare thanks to the epidural, leading to White Josh’s return in which he seemed much more okay with babies than in the past. I just don’t think that this closer properly sums up the entire season, and it’s a sad way to leave this show in the middle of February.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Rachel Bloom

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