Sunday, February 11, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 4, Episode 13 “True Colors” (B)

I’m still not so sure where all of this is headed with DeVoe’s plan, and this episode didn’t provide much clarification even as it featured numerous important developments. Ralph discovering that he can shape-shift to take on other people’s faces came in pretty handy, though naturally there was a lot of comedy involved. Him turning into DeVoe to show up in court and prove decisively that Barry couldn’t be guilty of his murder was clever, and it would be productive if DeVoe didn’t have so many steps in his plan to completely destroy Barry’s life. It wasn’t too hard for Barry to work with the other metas to break out of Iron Heights, and it was only when the warden showed up to reveal that he was the Flash that things went sour. It was nice to see Becky stand up for Barry and use her good luck to make sure that the bad metas would get taken out, and then DeVoe had to show up to absorb the metas’ powers and take over Becky’s body. It’s not great news that DeVoe is no longer trusting his wife, who sees that he’s going off-book, and perhaps that signals some weakness since having her to help him has been crucial thus far. We saw a bit more of Amunet in this episode but not enough, and I’m hopeful she’ll be back again, perhaps to help take down DeVoe. My favorite moment of this relatively unmemorable hour was Ralph calling Killer Frost “Frosty Oprah.”

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