Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Emmy Catch-Up: Schitt’s Creek

Every year, I watch the six submitted episodes of every series I don’t regularly watch that’s up for one of the Emmy series prizes. This year, I’m getting a jump start to check out the entire season of some of most high-profile shows I didn’t watch when they originally aired.

Schitt’s Creek: Season 6, Episode 11 “The Bachelor Party” (B)

This was not a particularly exciting bachelor party, though Stevie did have her work cut out for her trying to find a happy medium between David’s seven-page list of lavish demands and Patrick’s one request for an activity he really wanted to do. She obviously wanted to amuse herself with the shirt she had custom made for David that didn’t have an arrow on it but just said “I’m stupid,” and I enjoyed that both he and Moira confused the escape room concept with the movie “Panic Room.” No one except for Patrick was remotely into it, until Alexis’ history of dating men from exotic places combined with a lot of people yelling at her made her the definitive MVP of the group, enabling them to escape after desperate pleas from both Johnny and Moira to be let out just a few minutes into their timed hour. The cat’s out of the bag with Johnny’s big endeavor, and it’s a relief that, despite Roland’s unbearable stupidity and his phone being taken away from almost an hour, the meeting appears to be on and hopes are high. David giving some real advice to Alexis about what she should do was sweet, and it’s nice to see them bond seriously and make some progress instead of teasing each other every once in a while. I’m starting to see the appeal of some of the enduring humor on this show, like regional airline Larry Air (or is it Leriere?) once again being featured with Moira having to read all the terrible rhyming one-liners.

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