Tuesday, August 4, 2020

What I’m Watching: Stateless (Penultimate Episode)

Stateless: Season 1, Episode 5 “Panis Angelicus” (B+)

Doing something in the middle of the night suggests that there’s something untoward about it, and pulling Al Alwani out because his visa was denied and he was set to be deported had the opposite effect of keeping it quiet since his piercing screams woke everyone around him. That was just the beginning of bad news for the detainees as visitors and cooked meals were suspended and the barrier was erected between the two facilities. Claire did feel that she was doing a good job in both helping the detainees and making the facility run better, but that didn’t mean that her head was safe from the chopping block, a reality that made her even angrier because she had been expressly convinced by Genevieve. She and Brian got into an intense screaming match blaming each other, and her gesture of friendship came all too late after he ended up being the one to take the fall for all of it. It was devastating to learn that Ameer’s actions to protect his family had led to him doing something that could implicate him in smuggling charges since that’s the opposite of what he had been trying to do, and it hardly seems like a black-and-white situation that even Claire stopped to question. Sofie’s situation was even more harrowing, as she wasn’t able to stop hallucinating being at Gordon’s mercy, reliving trauma that then caused first a psychologist and then all of the guards to think that she needed to be moved to a psychiatric hospital. Even Cam managed to get corrupted, choosing to indulge in an attraction to Sharee after his wife made him leave their home because of the way he lashed out at his kids. One more episode doesn’t seem like enough time to resolve all of these plotlines, but that’s what we have left, and I’m sure it will be emphatic and resounding.

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