Friday, January 8, 2021

Round Two: Call Me Kat

Call Me Kat: Season 1, Episode 2 “Double Date” (B)

It’s possible that my perception of this show is being positively influenced by the dearth of other original content out there, putting it up there with “B Positive” as a very traditional laugh-track sitcom that I’m still enjoying even though I don’t regularly watch many of them. Opening with the “oh, hello” and a metaphor about putting people in boxes made me think of Mr. Rogers, though Kat is certainly clumsier and more awkward, even if she too likes to see the good in disastrous situations. She and Max seem like a great pair, and it’s great that Brigitte is an actual character that she continues to imagine being in front her and obnoxious every time Kat thinks about what she would say. Max is also clueless, though it’s possible that he thinks they’re just best buds doing piano karaoke duets since she’s the one who mentioned seeing other people. Learning that Brandon wanted business advice did make a lot of sense, and at least she still got to use the microphone to pretend to be a track announcer. I was excited to see Lamorne Morris from “New Girl” as the non-tipper Daniel, a much more self-assured version of his “Woke” character who I hope will be around for a while to date Randi. Phil really does get all the best one-liners, and while some of his comments, like a mention of “sports ball,” weren’t slam dunks, marveling at the fact that Kat was able to spell diarrhea (I was too!) was considerably more entertaining.

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