Friday, January 8, 2021

What I’m Watching: Dickinson (Season Premiere)

Dickinson: Season 2, Episode 1 “Before I got my eye put out” (B+)

I’m happy that this show is back since I really did like season one, though it took me many months to finish it. I’m much more committed to getting through it more quickly this time, which will correspond with the more ideal airing schedule of three episodes premiering now followed by one new episode per week, rather than all ten installments at once. This episode started with a great opening montage after the melancholy introduction and did a formidable job of maintaining its very unique tone, which is alternately mysterious, humorous, casual, and devastating. I knew I recognized the rather hapless doctor in the beginning of the episode, and I spotted James Urbaniak’s name in the credits, who I recognize from “Difficult People.” Being told to avoid the sun isn’t actually a terrible recommendation given how much she loves being alone writing and dreaming of Sue. It’s odd to see what her relationship with Sue has become with Austin as their awkward go-between, and all Sue wants is the best for Emily, hoping to get her noticed at the party. The haunting presence of the man only she can see kept her from being able to deliver, and I’m sure she’ll only retreat further inward after this. I’m enjoying the new side of Lavinia, and I like this show’s embrace of current concepts like influencers and being cancelled, another slate of anachronisms to add to this show’s distinctive energy. Henry’s barn meetings are also an interesting subplot, and I’m eager to see what happens with all the supporting players this season.

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