Thursday, January 7, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Stand

The Stand: Season 1, Episode 4 “The House of the Dead” (B)

It’s interesting to see just how minimally both Flagg and Abagail are featured, though the influence they both carry is incredible. Nadine made a strong impression on Harold when she went to him and gave him the mission that Flagg has set for him, and it was useful to learn that Harold, unlike everyone else, wasn’t having the same dreams with Abagail in them as everyone else but instead latched on to the details others said so that he could pretend he was. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that casualties would come as a result of their subversive actions, and anyone who didn’t already suspect Harold was psychotic and dangerous isn’t likely to now see what he’s doing as any more suspicious. He wasn’t quite as brutal and heartless as the man who nearly killed both Harold and Frannie on the road, and it’s clear that Colorado is a utopia that’s about to implode as a result of Harold and Nadine’s efforts. The team of volunteers being sent to Las Vegas is an interesting development, and Tom sees set for his task even if it’s a risk to send him behind enemy lines when he might say something that he shouldn’t in service of completing his assigned task. Our introduction to Julie was very memorable, and the possession of a fierce survival instinct is definitely important in this world, even if you’re in the presence of two of the more harmless people, Nick and Tom. I’m intrigued to see where and how we’ll see her next.

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