Thursday, January 21, 2021

What I’m Watching: Search Party

Search Party: Season 4, Episode 5 “Doctor Mindbender” (B+)

I had excused the dim-witted trio of Drew, Elliott, and Portia believing that Dory had written a letter that sounded nothing like her because of their gullible tendencies, but you’d think the police would be a bit more discerning than to trust that kind of correspondence which almost gives away the fact that she was being held hostage. Fortunately, the newly-formed search party wasn’t about to accept that, even if Drew did want to be politer than his friends, but after getting helpful information in the least helpful and most poorly-communicated manner, they got themselves into yet another regrettable situation with no clothes or money and a long walk back to civilization. Recognizing Chip’s face on the food Portia was desperately trying to open was a positive ending note, and maybe that will lead them at least to where Chip is currently holding Dory and actively brainwashing her. I assumed he would be angry about the fact that she admitted to killing Keith and April, but he’s just convinced himself it’s not true, something he’s now trying to do with her too. Telling her that she was holding a pear and not a murder weapon was indeed trippy, and April’s postcard in which she talked about being a “jumpy girl” before the doll’s head fell off was just as joltingly problematic yet somehow still seemed to soothe a very troubled Dory. What I’m not sure is if she’s resigned herself to this alternate reality or if she’s still fighting back, but Chip’s use of that very real voicemail will definitely make her feel at least temporarily closer to her kidnapper than to the people who call themselves her friends.

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