Thursday, January 28, 2021

Take Three: Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 3 “Quaran-Jean” (B+)

I had asked last week for more of a spotlight on Jackie and Freddie’s lives, and learning more about their individual relationships with their mother and the way in which they saw each other was informative and entertaining. Jackie was understandably annoyed that Freddie was the child who didn’t clearly express as much concern for Jean yet got more of her love, and Jean articulated it perfectly when she said that Freddie was easy, telling her what he needed at every juncture rather than making her guess what she actually wanted. Having them all end up in the emergency room with different injuries was evidently formulaic but it was still fun, and I like that all of the characters are aware of the affections of others. Celia forming an exclusive club with Jackie that she promptly dissolved since she would only ever call her in the event of a hair emergency was a nice subplot that lasted exactly as long as it should have, and it was good to see Celia stand up for herself when Freddie was more interested in having his mom come back to see the doctor instead of her. Danny was smart to go after Cheryl’s very muscular new boyfriend with psychological warfare, but he would have done better not to accidentally attack him physically. Cheryl acknowledging that she knows Danny is falling for Jean was an important step since now he might feel okay moving forward with it, especially since Jean clearly feels the same way.

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