Sunday, January 17, 2021

Take Three: Call Me Kat

Call Me Kat: Season 1, Episode 3 “Vacation” (B-)

This show might be leaning a bit too much into the typical sitcom structure, though at least it’s managing to still be entertaining while it does that. Kat not wanting to go by herself to Puerto Rico after everyone else had an excuse was understandable, and she definitely seems like someone who rarely takes the easy way and instead gets caught up in the web of lies she spins to try to get out of tricky situations. Louisville obviously isn’t that big a place, and she managed to run into so many people she knew in a remarkably short period of time. Taking the opportunity to taste some alcohol for free ended up being a much bigger operation than she had planned, and I’m glad at least that her getting very drunk didn’t feel too much like what happens on every other sitcom. It was predictable that the real expert would show up, but fortunately we were spared that interaction and instead just found Kat focused on making the best of her hotel stay to throw a big party. I was startled when Max delivered a romantic proposal on the rooftop, but it made sense moments later when Kat returned to reality from the fantasy she was imagining. Randi and Phil are indeed good employees, doing what they could to figure out how to keep the café running when they couldn’t open the register and working hard to find a way to get it open. Sheila’s activities were the least entertaining, but Swoosie Kurtz handles any material she gets pretty well.

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