Saturday, January 9, 2021

Round Two: Coyote

Coyote: Season 1, Episode 2 “Silver or Lead” (B)

This show is undeniably involving, setting itself mostly in one place and following the main characters as they try to escape the very literal desert. It’s all sort of like an extended version of the “Better Call Saul” episode from this past season, “Bagman,” though not quite as compelling. It was difficult to imagine that Ben could walk for so long with two extremely heavy bags across his shoulder, though Maria Elana was quick to point out that he was fat and the extra weight was only going to slow him down more. He had a few clever ideas on how to evade their trackers, and taking out his power tools to cut through the fence was an especially impressive move. I wasn’t sure why it was that he was able to return to Mexico without the very precious asset he had manage to get across, though I did think that maybe it was because anyone capable of getting into his daughter’s bedroom was probably just as capable of bringing Maria Elana back home even when she was already in border patrol custody waiting for asylum. It still would have been smart for Ben to share the fact that his daughter was in danger given the nature of their relationship, which of course he doesn’t know exists. It all made more sense when it was revealed that El Catrin was pulling the strings, sacrificing Dante’s happiness for something that he believes will be much more rewarding to his business. Dante torching the unbuilt house was a harsh but not unexpected form of revenge, and Ben is going to have an uphill battle to fight once he regains consciousness and gets called in to work.

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