Friday, January 8, 2021

What I’m Watching: Dickinson

Dickinson: Season 2, Episode 2 “Fame is a fickle food” (B+)

It was strange to see Emily in the spotlight in this episode, and it’s clear that she doesn’t handle attention all that well. Her cake was evidently delicious, but she was a bit too eager with sharing all of the ingredients, like the fact that she soaked it in brandy for a month, which seems excessive to me even though I’m hardly the most adventurous or experienced baker. The way she interacted with Samuel was intriguing, and they did share a connection even though he brought up the fact that she reminded him of his wife, which isn’t necessarily the obstacle it should be. Her recitation of the poem wowed him, though she received another grim visit from her hallucinated friend, who warned her of the dangers of fame and those who seek it for her. Mrs. Dickinson was quite startled and disappointed by Edward’s lack of interest in their special night together, and the two new additions to their household seem like an absolute nightmare. Sue really does enjoy the lavishness she has thanks to the Dickinson family’s wealth, and she did not respond well to Austin’s well-meaning request to discuss the idea of having a baby. I’m eager to see if anything happens between Jane and Austin since he’ll likely seek her companionship in the absence of attention from his wife. The two most memorable lines from the episode were Lavinia being told that “there are actually a lot of Native Americans in this time period” and the response to being asked about Morse code: “I’m fluent in it!”

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