Friday, January 22, 2021

Round Two: Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 2 “Distressed Jean” (B)

This second outing was moderately predictable but still fun, and I think that this premise should work well as its characters develop beyond the initial setup. Jean getting a job to keep her busy, for instance, is one such positive change. Now her family members won’t have to argue about who has to babysit her and will instead only see her maybe once a day for a meal or even less frequently if she starts to build more of a social life. I like that the attraction between Jean and Danny is something that’s being so openly talked about, even in front of her children, while the presence of his wife, though they’re separated, is hindering any substantial progress on that front. Jean’s constant conversations with Sharon on her propped-up tablet feel very pandemic-relevant, but of course that’s just something that’s happening in normal life since this show makes no mention of our current situation. I would like to learn more about Jackie and Freddie’s lives apart from their connection to their mother, and I’m hopeful that they’ll get more of a focus going forward aside from just a little love life trouble and playing video games all day, respectively. Celia and Lane are being used pretty well, both far more into spending time with Jean than either of her children are and possessing more personality and individuality than you might expect from supporting characters. I’m happy continuing with this show – it’s light and fun, and I can’t really say that about most of the programming I currently watch.

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