Thursday, January 28, 2021

What I’m Watching: Search Party

Search Party: Season 4, Episode 7 “The Infinite Loop” (B+)

What a great title for this episode, which featured a plotline that I doubt would have made as much sense on any other series. The young woman working at the ice cream shop indicated her general intelligence level with her question about New York, and her unhelpful answers served to create tremendous confusion, particularly when she couldn’t tell the difference between Chip posing as his Aunt Lylah and the real thing. I remember seeing that Susan Sarandon would be appearing this season, and casting her as Lylah was a terrific choice. She clearly has her own baggage, which includes her secret parenting of her supposed nephew, and the way she dryly reported on the dungeon conditions of her home was pretty entertaining. I did not expect that Dory would end up being thrown in yet another trunk by her friends, and that they’re now the ones holding her hostage and tied to a bed since she thinks of them as treacherous elements who made her life miserable. There’s not much hope for any of them since they’re all equally disconnected from reality, and Drew’s efforts were not any more positively received than Elliott’s misguided tough love and Portia’s panicked whining. There are only three more episodes of this season, and I suspect that people may now be looking for Dory and discover that she has been kidnapped, but not by Chip or Lylah. I’m looking forward to those antics even if I believe that Dory may be beyond saving at this point, and that only bad things can happen from here.

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