Sunday, January 24, 2021

Take Three: WandaVision

WandaVision: Season 1, Episode 3 “Now in Color” (B+)

I’m still so curious to know what’s really going on and whether the developments we’re seeing are actually happening or if they’re merely something designed to keep them safe from whatever foreign elements are trying to intrude. The comedic storyline of this episode was an obvious send-up of many typical sitcom plotlines, like putting fruit in front of actresses to hide their pregnancies. I appreciated the unexpected segue into Wanda remembering that she too was a twin, which prompted Geraldine to break character and acknowledge that Pietro was killed by Ultron. She didn’t seem to understand why she knew that, and we just got that brief shot of her being ejected into a field with many modern-day vehicles. Vision also started to notice something was wrong when the doctor made his comment about not being able to leave and Agnes and Herb were suspiciously fixing the fence damage while noting that Geraldine didn’t have a home. Compared with the first two episodes, this one had more of a focus on the unexplained, dropping just a few hints to distract from the blissfulness of the sitcom, and making it seem that, though the other people in town might have noticed that something weird is going on, they may already know it. The doctor was nauseated by the speed he traveled with Vision but not all that floored by the fact that he did it. I’m particularly mesmerized by Elizabeth Olsen’s performance and her superb handling of the changing tone on this show.

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