Thursday, January 28, 2021

What I’m Watching: Search Party

Search Party: Season 4, Episode 8 “The Imposter” (B+)

I had been wondering whether we’d see Chantal again after only meeting her for just a moment in the flashback following her apparent departure from the show when she was arrested at the end of last season. I enjoyed her lawyer’s incredible frustration when she indicated that she didn’t want to leave and suggested that she should first consult a lawyer, for some reason not comprehending who he was. Her family didn’t treat her terribly well, but she was more interested in having goose than accepting that her mistakes had led to them all losing their jobs and being blacklisted. Being inspired by drugs and hallucinations of her favorite authors to write a book was an interesting way to connect back to what we’ve been seeing, particularly when she threw it out the window and killed Charlie. I enjoyed Kate Berlant’s brief appearance as the editor who asked her never to write anything again, and Wilma was far more inspired by what she thought had been written by a child. Chantal really didn’t have much of a plan for going on the show when they were expecting a ten-year-old girl, but somehow she managed to win over the audience. I like that she saw Dory’s wanted poster but was too self-centered to even notice it, and that all of this triggered Dory’s memories so that she could remember all that happened. That will probably jolt her back to a better place of understanding, but I doubt she’ll be too happy with the friends who have been holding her captive.

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