Thursday, January 14, 2021

What I’m Watching: Search Party

Search Party: Season 4, Episode 2 “Something Sharp” (B+)

Dory is trying her hardest to find a way out of her captivity and seems to be making Chip much angrier in the process. Forcing him to give her a shower always enabled her to escape, but now he’s threatened deadly retaliation if it happens again and is not going to be nearly as enthusiastic about preparing her something other than the same exact meal three times a day. The sight of those many stickers on the door and wall as a marker of time was haunting, and Chip’s repeated insistence on his many degrees that confirm his sanity are hardly convincing. The fact that he’s keeping up her social media to make it seem like she is indeed traveling through Europe is a surefire way for no one to express enough interest to affirm their authenticity. Portia also called not to ask her permission but to tell her that she was going to do what she wanted no matter what she said, and that’s not exactly the best position for any kind of relationship. There would have been something far too meta about Portia playing herself – which only she would be interested in – and the notion of her portraying Dory instead is just bizarre and should be plenty awkward. Elliott selling his soul for a paycheck and fame wasn’t too surprising, but it will be hard even for him to give up this ultra-conservative act. Drew’s situation is the most unexpected, since he’s now going by Andrew, posing as a foreigner with no discernable accent and engaging in a relationship with a woman playing a princess while having the truthful time of his life being a character in costume.

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