Wednesday, January 27, 2021

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 1, Episode 6 “The Wolves Are Always Out for Blood” (B-)

This episode definitely did not go where I thought it would, since all I kept thinking between the December finale and now was how killing Rick wasn’t going to mean much since the traffickers were on their way to pick them up, presumably arriving sooner than Cassie’s backup. Apparently, Danielle, Grace, and Jerrie were too shellshocked to note that particular piece of information, and as a result we’re back to the main characters we know. I’m quite surprised that a bullet to the head didn’t kill Rick, and now he’s going to wake up, potentially with brain functionality, as Cassie is prosecuted for shooting him even though he hadn’t explicitly stated the threat she interpreted. Agreeing to keep the investigation going with Jenny in the aftermath of Cody’s funeral makes complete sense, though I’m curious how Danielle and Grace will remain so involved if they do go back to Colorado. Jerrie and Jenny became fast friends, and it would definitely behoove Jerrie to share the threatening note she found pinned to her door. Ronald is finally confiding in his mother, who seems all too willing to help him get away with his very illegal actions. I understand he doesn’t want to get caught, but everything he’s doing feels like he’s asking to be noticed and found. Going after Jenny isn’t going to be a good move for him, and continuing to pose as Mitchell as he tries to get closer to a clearly uninterested Merrilee seems like a similarly inadvisable option, unless she’s too ashamed of her indiscretion to tell anyone about it.

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