Thursday, January 28, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Stand

The Stand: Season 1, Episode 7 “The Walk” (B)

Well, this hardly seemed like the most efficient way for the good guys to get to Vegas, but I suppose walking for a few days before hitching a ride to go the rest of the trip actually ended up working out okay. I’m surprised at how quickly this show is willing to dispose of some of its main characters, namely Harold, who got tricked by Nadine’s unfriendliness and went diving off a cliff to a place of certain death that he ended up meeting earlier than he needed to because he didn’t want to take his chances. The crows certainly came to feast on his body when Larry showed up to pay respect to a man who, evil impulses aside, did help get him to Colorado. Nadine seemed to feel that something was off when she met Flagg on that red carpet in the desert, but her attitude was altogether different and far more accepting of her fate when she creepily greeted Mother Abagail’s loyal devotees at the casino. The way that they got to drive through the streets of Las Vegas and see the way in which people were indulging their base violent impulses was a sobering indicator that they were not all in control, which is hardly inspiring for the possibility of them being victorious. Stu getting left behind was also a surprise, though his character arc isn’t quite as neatly sealed as Harold’s, and maybe he and those left behind in Colorado can pull off an upset victory against evil.

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