Sunday, January 3, 2021

What I’m Watching: Shameless Hall of Shame

Shameless Hall of Shame: Episode 2 “Kev and V: God Doesn’t Give with Both Hands” (B+)

The second installment of this nostalgia series felt very different from the first, as if Kev and V exist in a different universe than Ian and Mickey, who were barely present in any of these flashbacks. We also got to see a good amount of Fiona, and it makes me hopeful that she’ll get a retrospective episode too even though I realize that’s somewhat unlikely since I don’t believe that Emmy Rossum has any plans to return to the show. I forgot that Kev used to have a full head of shaggy hair, and I think his new look suits him. Centering the antics of this episode around the assessment that Amy takes after her mother and Gemma takes after her father was a clever way to come around to Gemma being creative and able to market a skill that doesn’t necessarily call for traditional intelligence. I definitely didn’t remember the numerous times that Kev had to have sex with V’s mom so that they could get pregnant, or that Kev had breast cancer. I had also forgotten how much Svetlana changed their dynamic with her incredible sexual prowess and then bought their business out from under them before V got her deported. It’s fun to see all the clips assembled in this way, with V having been a nurse coming up all the times that she showed up to diagnose something or suggest a way of dealing with an injury. It’s nice that these supporting characters really did get such a showcase and feel just as much like a part of the family as the Gallaghers.

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