Saturday, January 16, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Stand

The Stand: Season 1, Episode 5 “Suspicious Minds” (B+)

This was an extremely enlightening episode, showing us just how the other half lives and what the influence of evil represents in a very literal way. Mother Abagail was right to warn her disciples that they shouldn’t try to go get information on Flagg since he would know that they were coming, and only Tom seems to have evaded suspicion because he processes things differently. Dayna was not particularly subtle, asking constant questions about Flagg so that she could go straight to the top and talk directly to him. My curiosity about Julie was satiated when we saw her living the life there as Lloyd’s top girl and channeling her toxic energy into something that felt good. She recognized Tom but didn’t think much of his presence, a lack of concentration and certainly willpower that could perhaps be a side effect of the hypnotic sway Flagg has over everyone. Killing Flagg predictably didn’t work, and now Dayna is dead and Flagg is well aware of where she came from, even if Mother Abagail hadn’t ordered the incursion and is presumably now setting off on her own to mitigate the damage in whatever way she can. I was glad that Frannie was taking clever steps to distract Harold so that Larry could search his house, but unfortunately he was fully ready and used the opportunity not only to monitor Larry in his own home but also to install cameras in Frannie and Stu’s bedroom to keep a closer eye on them. The story he told from his childhood that didn’t have him in it was such a red flag for worrisome behavior, but somehow Stu still doesn’t find it suspicious. Nadine showing up at Larry’s door initially seemed like she was trying to distract him, but she may well be making a sincere effort to escape her dark fate.

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