Wednesday, January 13, 2021

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 5, Episode 6 “Birth Mother” (B-)

This show is so flashback-heavy in general that episodes which find themselves grounded almost entirely in the past are never as satisfying. That’s due mainly to the fact that the regular cast members are appealing and it’s disappointing not to see them featured. Knowing that Randall isn’t any less blunt with people he’s just met about things he perceives as wastes of his time is informative, and unfortunately Hai would have liked if his comment about the story being like “The Notebook” had in fact been true. The chronicling of Laurel’s past wasn’t a very positive one, with a harsh prison sentence and an unrequited love interrupted by that resulting in a reunion far too late in life and into her disease. I’m not sure what this newfound knowledge is going to do for Randall and how necessary its inclusion was – even though I was gung-ho about this new twist at the end of the premiere – since he was already going through plenty and coming to grips with some of his most formative issues without this being part of it. Choosing to call Kevin in the car on the way home was an interesting move, and it seems like he may have waited too long since he was already distracted, panicked, and not open to the idea of taking that moment to be appreciated and thought of by his brother. Even though it’s a pandemic, hopefully Randall will choose to show up in a good way and try to mend the relationship that Kevin’s not able to concentrate on fixing right now.

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