Saturday, January 23, 2021

What I’m Watching: B Positive

B Positive: Season 1, Episode 6 “Open Heart Surgery” (B)

It’s no secret that Drew has control issues and is relatively high-strung, and he would naturally impart his own neuroses a psych evaluation that his kidney donor was requited to have. I enjoyed her typical ribbing at the start of the episode, adding previous and future events to the shared calendar just after they were mentioned so that she could pretend she had properly informed him about them. Gina’s sudden obsession with her ex and his new girlfriend did threaten to derail her, but just as she’s able to function normally every day at work, she did perfectly during the evaluation even if Drew nearly messed it all up by trying to peek in through the outside window. Taking her shopping for cheap items was a nice present, and I love that she forced him to shoplift by hiding something on his body, a pack of gum that he was happy to share with his dialysis friends. Their bantering is pretty funny, and I like that Samantha isn’t the least bit ashamed to have gone to a different dentist than Jerry who had a better Yelp rating and that she shared the “Crazy Rich Asians” plot instead of her own personal details so that she wouldn’t be letting her guard down in any way. Eli being the one who others got hung up on was also quite entertaining. My favorite part of this show, however, is the fact that Gina makes Drew star in her videos and that, even though he’s incredibly awkward, he manages to play his assigned roles decently.

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