Monday, November 1, 2021

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 2, Episode 3 “You Have to Play Along” (C+)

It’s hard to imagine how everyone living in the large state of Montana isn’t aware of all the secrets these characters are failing to keep, and the lack of awareness may be the least believable part. Both Bridger and Ren weren’t subtle at all about going to the crime scene, and you’d think Bridger would have been tipped off to her very creepy story about how fascinated she was by dead bodies. For all the lack of care that everyone is paying to what’s happening, they’re also not talking to each other, like Madison and Ryan having their own plan while Max and Harper are being public about their relationship in front of her stepfather so that he’ll forget all about the drugs he knows she had. I do still find Ren to be a compelling character, and I’m curious to see if she’ll be able to talk her way out of being cornered by Jenny and Cassie after Tonya’s failed escape attempt. Speaking of not even pretending to be low-key, Harvey was very obvious about his sudden interest in the case when he stopped by Jenny’s office, and hopefully they’ll soon realize that the mug-holding, charming deputy is actually working for the cartel. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to suddenly be sympathetic to the cereal-loving Ronald and his newfound imprisonment, which he tried to escape despite Scarlet’s warnings and ended up getting punished by Wolf for it. Now that Denise has discovered Wolf’s existence, it shouldn’t be long before they track him down, but I guess everyone’s a little busy at the moment.

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