Tuesday, January 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: Dickinson (Series Finale)

Dickinson: Season 3, Episode 10 “This was a Poet –”

I’m not sure what I wanted or expected from this finale, but I do think it delivered. Death showing up to compliment Emily’s garden and say that he’s changed his perspective on things was a nice moment, and I like that they danced after he told her that she needed a new uniform, which led to her dramatically yearning to be free of her dress and corset. Working with Betty to create her own dress, one with pockets, was a fun project, and it was fitting that we didn’t get to see her actually meet Higginson, who startled her by showing up in person when she had preferred the relationship the way it was. Maggie not being able to say his name properly was entertaining, and a reminder that, though her role was minimal over the course of the show, she was pretty terrific. Lavinia doing her very odd one-woman show and Sue speaking in a baby’s voice were highlights of a fun impromptu session to impress Higginson, and I love that Higginson said that people might have to wait centuries to really understand her. Giving Betty some comfort about Henry was also nice. Austin and Sue naming the baby after Edward was sweet, and Sue and Mrs. Dickinson even got to see eye-to-eye in a way they hadn’t before this. While it might have felt right to see Emily and Sue happy together, we got a glimpse of that in the previous episode, and ending with Emily rowing out to see was haunting and somehow perfect. This show has been truly terrific, and I look forward to seeing whatever comes next from the cast and creator Alena Smith.

Series finale: B+
Series grade: A-
Season MVP: Hailee Steinfeld
Season grade: A-
Series MVP: Hailee Steinfeld
Best Season: Season 3
Best Episode: “You cannot put a Fire out

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