Tuesday, January 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: Dexter: New Blood

Dexter: New Blood: Season 9, Episode 8 “Big Game” (B)

This turned into a much more intense game of cat-and-mouse than we’ve seen at any point on this newest season, certainly with Dexter as the prey rather than the predator. It’s reminiscent of the time that one victim of his escaped from his careful setup because he was just so huge and strong, and this time his pursuer survived his near-strangulation to hunt Dexter in a way that he described as incredibly easy due to the fact that he was bleeding in the snow. He did land quite nicely and smoothly when he got thrown from the truck, and hiding behind the mirror so that he could get the drop on him was a clever touch. Kurt bringing Harrison to the school and then hitting baseballs into him so that he could be tough was a strange sort of initiation, and things shifted very quickly in a way that caught Harrison off-guard when he suddenly put on the mask and told him to run. Harrison seemed legitimately scared and ready to make up for whatever he had done, and Kurt was eerily calm as he was eager for Dexter to be there to see what happened. Fortunately, Dexter got there just in time and saved Harrison, and the comfort that telling him he had dark parts of him too provided was palpable. What’s more worrisome is that he’ll probably go straight to Angela, and she’s done a better job than nearly anyone else in Dexter’s orbit of putting together the fact that he most definitely was the Bay Harbor Butcher.

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