Saturday, January 1, 2022

What I’m Watching: Emily in Paris (Season Premiere)

Emily in Paris: Season 2, Episode 1 “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” (B+)

It’s only been a few months since I finished this show’s first season, almost a full year after it first premiered on Netflix. I enjoy this show as light entertainment, and find it to be very watchable, especially at the end of a long day or after more serious fare. I like that, in this premiere, things have changed in terms of the office dynamic, where Emily isn’t as offended as she should be that Sylvie is continuously trying to cut her out of work since she’s desperately trying to avoid having to spend time with Camille given the fact that she slept with Gabriel when she thought he was leaving and they had broken up for good. She’s now made an enemy in Julien because the client liked her idea better and she had a prototype made up, and she also managed to lose Mathieu because he understood that she was in love with Gabriel. Sylvie’s take on the whole thing is most amusing, and telling Emily that she was getting more French by the moment was actually her form of a compliment. Camille recognizing Gabriel’s pan in Emily’s apartment was the first of what will surely be many such incidents where she comes close to discovering the truth, and fortunately Camille was too distracted by the excitement of Mindy kissing her during the drag show to notice what’s actually going on right in front of her. As long as Ashley Park continues performing show-stopping numbers in eye-popping outfits, her presence on this show will be welcome (Luc will also apparently be pleased). I love that Emily quoted the prime directive to explain her situation to Gabriel and that he took from it that she was the alien. Gabriel was all about pushing limits right from the start with Antoine, and so far it seems to have worked even if it is quite the risky endeavor.

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